When the Smith family could no longer get their favorite soap in the stores anymore, they went on a quest.  They were trying new products, in hopes of finding one that would give them that clean feeling, but without leaving a residue or dry skin behind.  

Their quest came up empty, so they decided to create one!  

You now have the opportunity to get some of their Pure Olive Oil Soap and/or their Paraben Free Moisturizer from Smith Family Resources through Alabama Farm Co-op!  


We are thrilled to have Smith Family Resources as our newest Vendor Partner, and this just adds to the variety of products you can get as you one-stop-shop here for your food and other needs!


P.S.  Don't forget! Half-price memberships go thru December 31st, 2023!  Beginning January 1st, 2024, they go up to $30!  While we think this is still a good value, we want you to save your money!  The discount will almost pay for your renewal next year!  Don't miss out!


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