What better way to enjoy dinner, than by the glow of candle light?

You can get what you need for your meal through Alabama Farm Co-op, and now you can also get the candles!

We are thrilled to tell you that Golden Belle Candle Co. has joined us as a vendor partner!  Check out the scents they offer in candles or wax melts, and find one that you can enjoy!  

No doubt, with these cooler temperatures of fall and these candles glowing, you're in for a "Cozy Night In" during the "Snuggle Season"!  They may even last you til the "First Frost"! 

And while you are shopping for those you love for the upcoming gift-giving, you can make your plans to bring someone "Breakfast in Bed" at their "Farmhouse"!  They will give you "Peppermint Kisses", and you'll "Jingle AL the Way"!  

We hope, too, that it will give you a "Southern Velvet" touch to read about where Golden Belle Candle Co. donates a portion of their sales. These candles will light up someone else's life, too!  



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