Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back
It isn't every day that we feel growing pains....just on days that end in "y".  Ha!

This co-op effort jumped out of the gates like the horses at the Kentucky Derby!  Everyone excited, everyone jumping in, and a buzz around town was circulating so fast, that I (Melissa) was getting calls from friends in other cities telling me, "Melissa, you HAVE to hear about this new farm co-op!"  Little did they know, it was ME creating it!  

My passion for farms--and helping them grow--stemmed from getting the chance to watch one grow, and seeing God bless that farmer's family in so many ways through their work.  In addition to providing for him and his family, I had a front row seat to the excitement and appreciation from their customers!  The fact that I'd drive to the farm (which was 2 hours from my home), pick up all of their orders, and bring it all back to them (so they didn't have to) gained me many friendships over many years!  I'm excited about the new friendships forming through the work of Alabama Farm Co-op!

But, at the same time, there are some areas that need some "figuring out" to keep us going (and growing).  This co-op started so fast that it quickly became more work than one person can do.  I'm not lacking in work ethic, and I'll sweat it out with the best of them, but it is, quite literally, impossible for one person to drive two vehicles in two different directions on the same day.  This has led to multiplied expenses for both pickup and delivery.  Unfortunately, after gaining some counsel from the experience of a widely known leader in the homesteading and "rogue food" world, there may be some upcoming changes required for us to serve more farms and more customers.  (Don't give up yet--we're working all of this out, and YOU might be able to be part of the problem-solving!  See below as you read.)

First, our customers WANT more farms and foods from which to choose!  We aren't limited to just a handful of farms--we want YOU customers to have your pick!  Specifically, we've had requests for more produce options (organic AND non-organic), local dairy products, health remedies and other products, and, yes, even more meat producers!  Not everyone is looking for 100% grassfed (though many are).  They just want to support local Alabama farms!  And that's exactly why we exist!

When we add more farms and vendors, we also add more customers.  Now, we already have over 300 paid members--this is amazing!  But not all are ordering, and we'd love to have more farms and vendors to provide what THEY are looking for!  (So if you are a farm or vendor, please fill out our Producer Info Form on our website, and we WILL get back to you.  If you have filled it out previously, you can expect a call in early July!)

Second, we are being advised to work toward having a "pickup only" service.  I'm not sure how I FEEL about it, because we've got a great delivery route going right now, but I'm open to this possibility.  Whatever will help us serve more farms and customers, while keeping expenses low enough to keep this going longterm--that's what we want to do! 

To make some of these big decisions, we'd like to consult with a "multitude of counselors".  If you are a fellow "ideas person" and you'd like to help us make our system even better by giving us your opinions and feedback within a group of purposed team members, we'd like to invite you to apply to be part of our new Advisory Team of volunteers!  This team will be made up of farmers, vendors, and customers, and we will have a few primary conversations, with, hopefully, a regular and ongoing discussion where you will get to have your voice heard regarding our processes.  (We've been getting feedback all of this time, but many things need a real "roundtable" discussion.)  If you'd like to apply to be part of our Advisory Team, please email us at  Simply put Advisory Team in the subject line, and we'll email you back a form or link to get more information from you.  

Third, we are going back to our foundation.  Many of you in areas that are rural or at least NEAR the rural areas are practically begging us to come to you.  And we KNOW that you want to get in on these great foods and products from our network of farms and vendors.  But our foundation is to come to the outskirts, get the foods and goodies, and bring them back to where the people are NOT near the farms.  The reason is simply this:  there are some GREAT farms right there IN your areas!  We do not want to compete with the farms in their own regions.  We want to see you support them, see them feed you, and to see those relationships blossom!  But for those in the cities and suburbs, we hope that we can fulfill our purpose of "bringing more customers to the bringing the farms' products to the customers!" 

And finally, I've got lots of heart to share about Alabama Farm Co-op!  I want to encourage more Alabamians to shop local, eat local, support local--especially the farms!  There is no doubt in MY mind that being connected with the farms will, one day, be a MUST.  There is also no doubt that the two statements I say frequently are true.  The first is, "It takes ALL the farms to feed ALL the people."  And the second, "No farms; no food."

This purpose is important.  It's why I created Alabama Farm Co-op.  So, even if we've been doing Paula Abdul's dance, thus far--we are looking ahead and what the future can hold, and working toward that!  


Edited and resent: Exciting News: Our New Shopping Platform is Here! ...and a GIVEAWAY!

(Edited and resent due to a change in the giveaway steps!) 

We have an announcement!  

Our new shopping platform is here!  This means you can simply and easily shop your favorite farms and products, add to cart, and check out in a true one-stop shopping experience!

Those of you who are already paid members should have already received an email from us about how to sign up (without paying again).  Those who are not-yet-members may go ahead and register on the new platform, too.  You will have the opportunity to place ONE "trial" order" before being prompted to pay for your membership.  (Reminder: our Introductory Rate Membership offer ends June 30, 2024, and this membership expires 12/31/2024.) 

To sign up, head to (link is also on our main website under SHOP on our menu).  Read through the Membership options and select the one that applies to you.  (This will be verified in our system.)  We are excited to streamline the process for all of you, our customers, and for our farms and vendors, too! kick this off, we're doing a GIVEAWAY!  

We have a variety of products being offered by our farms and vendors, and we will do a random drawing for the winner.  No purchase is necessary to enter, but you earn extra entries for it!  

Here are the terms of the giveaway:
Available to both Members and non-members (excludes our producers). 
Register yourself on our new platform by 11:59pm on Monday, April 29th to be entered.
Earn 5 EXTRA entries by placing an order of at least $50 between Tuesday, April 30th and Thursday, May 2nd. 
Earn 5 MORE entries by sharing the link to our post on Facebook or Instagram about the giveaway on your Facebook or Insta page, and tag Alabama Farm Co-op!

So far, this is what the goodie basket will contain:

*Coffee Mug from Indigo Ridge Farms
*Garlic Herb Bread from Whispering Homestead
*Shampoo Bar from Whispering Homestead
*Organic microgreens mix from HEYday Greens
*Tallow Cream from Diamond B Farms
*Pork broth from Earnest Roots Farm
*Maple Sausage from Earnest Roots Farm
…and there may be more to come!

Thank you for being part of Alabama Farm Co-op, and for continuing to support Alabama farms and producers!  

Be sure to SUBSCRIBE on our main website to keep informed of future happenings at Alabama Farm Co-op!

New Farm and Vendor Partners!

New Farm and Vendor Partners!
What an amazing, incredible, overwhelming start we have had here at Alabama Farm Co-op!  Truly, I could not be more blown away by all of YOUR excitement and well as how much you have all shared what we are doing!  THANK YOU!

As we roll strongly into the New Year and a new month, I'm excited to tell you that we have added even MORE farms and vendors from which you can shop!  The variety of products we have, and, more importantly, the quality, of everything is astounding!  I have some new favorites, which I've shared on social media lately, and I bet I'll have even more with these new partners!

To be sure you see ALL of our farms and partners, here is the list of all of them, in alphabetical order, with the new ones marked as such.  (We have put an * by the ones that were new last month, which were announced in an email, but not on the blog!)

Alleluia Acres Heritage Farm*
Asher Farm Market  *NEW*
Clean Juice
Diamond B Farm
Earnest Roots Farm
Golden Belle Candle Co.
Indigo Ridge Farms
Mackey Meadows
Mathis Mini Farm
Salt Artisan Bakery
Silver Pea Farm  *NEW*
Stillwater Farm  *NEW*
Smith Family Resources
Whispering Homestead*
Wild Cry Herbal Homestead*
Working Cows Dairy*

You can check out ALL of these farms and vendors and what they have to offer on our Product and Price List on our website!  This upcoming week is an order week, so get your lists ready!  (Just a note:  we will update inventory and other product info on Monday morning, so be sure to check back to the Product and Price List before ordering Tuesday through Thursday to be sure everything you want is in stock!)  

We are thrilled to have these farms and vendors on board, and there are more coming soon, as their products become available in certain seasons!  Share with your neighbors, friends, and family, so that they, too, can shop and eat local from Alabama producers!


*NEW* QUARTERLY Producer Membership!

This one is for potential farms and vendors!  

We've heard from some producers who only have product available at certain times of year and have nothing available once they sell out of those products.  To serve these producers, we've decided to add a QUARTERLY Producer Membership option!  This will allow those with seasonal products to join, but not have to commit all year (or to have to reply all year that things are out of stock or out of season).  

If you are a seasonal producer--or if you just want to "test the waters" with Alabama Farm Co-op--this option may be for YOU!

Check out the details in the link below, and let us know if you have any questions!  


Clean YOURSELF for the holidays! ...a NEW VENDOR PARTNER!

Yes, that's right!  We are already talking about cleaning.  But not your house!  (We hope it is already clean, because the guests may arrive tomorrow!) 

This time, we encourage you to clean YOURSELF!  And we have a new Vendor Partner to help you do it easily (and tastily!)!

Not only can you get produce that has been grown with organic practices through Alabama Farm Co-op, NOW you can also get Certified Organic cold-pressed juices, too!  

We are so excited to have Clean Juice products available for delivery to you!  You can choose from juices, cashew milks, and a variety of cleanses.

But not only that....

....they are having a BLACK FRIDAY SALE...RIGHT NOW!!!

That's right!  You can get any of their cleanses for 20% OFF this week only!!!  
(Our ordering ends Friday, so you have until then to order at these crazy good sale prices!)

And now, tomorrow, whether your house is clean or not, we can all look forward to the cleaning we will do that will make a real difference in our lives.  Clean up your body and your health with Clean Juice cold-pressed juices and cleanses, available through Alabama Farm Co-op!

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