Customer Drop Points
We have mapped out our starting route of Drop Points!  Pick the one nearest you!
***IMPORTANT!***  THESE DATES EDITED 3/27/2024. Please see details below!

Current Drop Point Locations and (Approximate) Times:

The locations and schedule are subject to change based on the interest and support from our customers.  We will do our best not make sudden changes and to notify you well in advance via email (so be sure you are a subscriber!).  

PLEASE ARRIVE AT YOUR SELECTED DROP POINT AT OR BEFORE THE ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL (ETA) that is given to you in our Delivery Day Group Text. Our drops last only 15 minutes, and our driver is unable to wait for latecomers.  If you will be late to your drop point, please contact us to make arrangements for pickup at one of our other drop points.  (Call our main number (866) 925-2667 and choose the delivery day extention to contact us about this.)

Here they are!  Our current CUSTOMER DROP POINTS:

***THIS IS JUST AN APPROXIMATION.  If there are changes due to delays, 
they will be communicated on delivery day via a computer-generated group text.



 ETA                      City                          Location/Address:   
10:00am   Leeds   TEMPORARY LOCATION:  Lowe's at Hwy 411 Leeds/Moody exit  (in front end of lot as you pull in)
10:45am    Trussville**    TEMPORARY LOCATION:  Side parking lot of Regal Theater on Chalkville Mtn. Rd.  
11:30am Mountain Brook     Mtn. Brook Community Church, 3001 Hwy 280 East, Bham 35243 (back left corner lot behind building)

12:00noon  Hoover/Pelham    TEMPORARY LOCATION:  Lowe's parking lot (in front of garden area), Valleydale Road (just off I-65)  

OXFORD* - See note below.

CHELSEA - at our new building location (16161 Hwy 280)
Wednesday 3:30-4:30pm
Thursday 1-2pm
Saturday 11:00-11:30am

11:00am - Prattville/Millbrook - Centerpoint Church - 1200 McQueen Smith Road, Prattville
11:45am - Wetumpka** - Wetumpka Civic Center
1:00pm - AUBURN - Hampton Inn (2430 S. College St.)

Bham SATURDAY Options:

10:00am    Sat. AM Downtown** B'ham  -   TEMPORARY Location at Avondale Park
11:00am - PICKUP at our Chelsea location (same as above). Available only until 11:30am.

*Note to OXFORD:  we had a burst of interest the first order and delivery to that location, but a huge drop with the next order.  Unfortunately, we also do not have another driver who can make that run consistently at this time.  As soon as we find one, we'll give Oxford another try!  (In the meantime, many of our Oxford customers come to the Leeds drop point for their pickup.)  

** - These drop points are at risk of being discontinued due to low customer interest at these locations. To keep these drop points, SHARE with those who would utilize them!  
Other Cities in Alabama
We are working hard to bring our system to other cities!  Truly, we desire for our system to serve customers statewide by connecting you to the farms in your region (and beyond)!
What we need you to do is SUBSCRIBE, and be sure to tell us your area and zip code, so that we know exactly where the customer interest is located!  We are already contacting farms, as well as talking to those who may want to work for our co-op, in all areas of Alabama.  Share our website with your family, friends, and neighbors, and we will expand to the areas with the growth!  

In the meantime, you can certainly order from us.  You'd just have to pick up at a drop point nearest you, and we understand that it may be a drive. The more support we get NOW, the sooner we can get farms and deliveries to YOUR area!  

Thanks for your interest and for your support of local farms!


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