Ready to make the swap? Shop local farms and more!

 Customers have told me for years that they want to shop directly from farms, but the farms are located too far away 
for them to get to from where they live, or around their work schedule.  That is a lot of time and gasoline, 
especially if you need to shop more than one farm!

Enter.....Alabama Farm Co-op!

We will take your orders bi-weekly from participating farms, invoice you and collect your payment, 
and then we will deliver it to a drop point near you on delivery day at a specific time. 

(We have a location now where you can pick up at your convenience!  Select our Chelsea drop point to pick up during the available hours.)

We call it a "co-op" because we will be CO-OPerating with YOU to bring you the farm fresh foods that you need.
You can order just what you want, and with no minimum orders. 

Our hope is that you will be able to transfer all of your grocery shopping 
to the local farms that carry the products you and your family need and want! 

We will save you time and money, since you will not have to drive to the farms yourself.  Let us serve you!  
And maybe, just maybe, you'll inspire your neighbors, family, and friends to do the same!

Our mission is to help local farms grow and help customers get what they need by bringing the farms' products to the customers!
Membership Details

Our Annual Membership Fee is minimal.  Your first year is $30.*  After that first year, each consecutive year's renewal will be just $20.   UPDATE: We have recently built out our new website, and our only option will be to do a standard annual fee for everyone who joins or renews after our Introductory Rate period ends on June 30, 2024. We had hoped to have a lesser renewal fee, but we cannot set it up for that, so it will be the standard $30/year for all.**

*You do get to place ONE trial order prior to becoming a member, 
and then our system will require the membership.*

We have an INTRODUCTORY RATE which will end at 11:59pm on June 30, 2024.  Get a HALF PRICE initial Membership!  (The Introductory Rate Membership expires on December 31, 2024.  Those who join after June 30th will pay full price, and your membership will be a full 12-month membership from the date of activation.)

What customers should expect
Here's how it works:


We will send out an email on Tuesdays with an order reminder (be sure to subscribe to get these!).  You may submit your order online in our SHOP from TUESDAY thru THURSDAY between 9am-5pm.  

Your order is due no later than 5:00pm on THURSDAY.  
(This cutoff will be held to firmly, as we will need to process orders received and send the orders to each vendor.)  


On your delivery day, your order will be brought to a "customer drop point" in your area, where you and other local customers will meet to pick up your products.  The schedule for these drop points (as well as other pickup options) is found here


Place an order before the Thursday 5:00pm cutoff.
Pick up at your selected drop point's delivery day and time.
Tell your neighbors, friends, and family, so they can join us!

Simple enough?  We hope so!
And just a few more details...
We want to be sure you have all you need!
Delivery Fees:

Delivery fees are a standard 15%, at this time, for all orders.  

All orders will be charged the 3.5% credit card processing fee, unless you contact us to become a Cash Prepay Member.


Missed Pickup Policy:

If you will miss pickup at your selected Drop Point, PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY.   You may meet us at another Drop Point, but we need to know you are coming to that location so that we do not pull out before you arrive, if all other pickups have been made.

In the event that you do not pick up by the end of our final drop point on Saturday, your order will be donated to an individual in need or to organization that provides food to those in need, without refund or replacement to you.

Drop Point Locations and (Approximate) Times:

PLEASE ARRIVE AT YOUR SELECTED DROP POINT AT OR BEFORE THE SCHEDULED TIME OF ARRIVAL (ETA).  Our drops last only 15 minutes, and our driver is unable to wait for latecomers.  (We will communicate with you via email if your driver is knowingly delayed for any cause.)

***Please call us if you will miss your drop point and need to go to a different one.  You may call us on our phone line at 866-925-COOP (2667), and choose extension 2.***

Check out our page with the specific locations HERE.



Bring a cooler!  And we also recommend ice packs.  (Please do not take any of the co-op's bags or ice packs with you from pickup.)  

OR....order one of the insulated totes with your order, and we'll bring it in that tote for you to carry home!
Order Cancellations:

If a customer must cancel his/her order, it must be done by THURSDAY at 5:00pm. After that, there will be no changes made to the order.  
If the order is not picked up on Delivery Day, the order will be donated to someone in need, with no refund or replacement to the customer.
Do you have questions?  Don't hesitate to contact us
Or click the button below to become a Member now!


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