New Farm and Vendor Partners!
What an amazing, incredible, overwhelming start we have had here at Alabama Farm Co-op!  Truly, I could not be more blown away by all of YOUR excitement and well as how much you have all shared what we are doing!  THANK YOU!

As we roll strongly into the New Year and a new month, I'm excited to tell you that we have added even MORE farms and vendors from which you can shop!  The variety of products we have, and, more importantly, the quality, of everything is astounding!  I have some new favorites, which I've shared on social media lately, and I bet I'll have even more with these new partners!

To be sure you see ALL of our farms and partners, here is the list of all of them, in alphabetical order, with the new ones marked as such.  (We have put an * by the ones that were new last month, which were announced in an email, but not on the blog!)

Alleluia Acres Heritage Farm*
Asher Farm Market  *NEW*
Clean Juice
Diamond B Farm
Earnest Roots Farm
Golden Belle Candle Co.
Indigo Ridge Farms
Mackey Meadows
Mathis Mini Farm
Salt Artisan Bakery
Silver Pea Farm  *NEW*
Stillwater Farm  *NEW*
Smith Family Resources
Whispering Homestead*
Wild Cry Herbal Homestead*
Working Cows Dairy*

You can check out ALL of these farms and vendors and what they have to offer on our Product and Price List on our website!  This upcoming week is an order week, so get your lists ready!  (Just a note:  we will update inventory and other product info on Monday morning, so be sure to check back to the Product and Price List before ordering Tuesday through Thursday to be sure everything you want is in stock!)  

We are thrilled to have these farms and vendors on board, and there are more coming soon, as their products become available in certain seasons!  Share with your neighbors, friends, and family, so that they, too, can shop and eat local from Alabama producers!



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