We've been so busy behind the scenes of this co-op!  There is much to accomplish just to get rolling!  

As we look into business and tax laws, farm pickup and customer drop point routes, and create the processes for taking your orders and passing them to the farms and vendors, we still keep reminding ourselves of our TOP priority.  

We aren't here for the sales.  And we aren't here because we like driving many miles every week to multiple farms.

We are here because we have seen with our own eyes that there is a missing link between farms and many consumers.  It has been said on our website already that consumers WANT to support and get their food from local farms, and the farmers WANT to get their products to the consumers.  But the price--for each--is too high, sometimes.  The drive is too far, or takes too much time from their busy lives and schedules, to make shopping directly at the farm possible for the consumer.  And the same thing is true for the farmer--it is too far, or takes too much time away from farming, to make delivery possible.

And THAT is why we decided to create Alabama Farm Co-op.  We have witnessed what happens when someone provides excellent service between the farm and their customers! 

Creating a system that does what it says it will do, while representing the farms and farmers to customers in a relational way, is the top priority here.  We aim to keep our processes simple, so that we can focus more on executing them well, and with integrity, for the win-win of the farms and consumers!

We know, we know....If you have checked out our website, you have heard us say all of this before.  And we will keep saying it--because we want to always remember WHY we do what we do.  So many are cheering us on to succeed in our efforts, because this co-op will aid them in their own desire to support local, eat local, eat real food, eat clean, and more!  

If this describes you, then YOU are why we are here. 

We look forward to serving you soon!



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