Now offering a Cash PREpayment Option!

We have found a way to offer you lower prices!  Since we aren't selling products, but are instead taking your orders and payments straight to the farms for us to simply pick up and deliver, we can take cash PRE-payments from you, to be applied to your account, so that you can place "cash" orders which do away with those pesky credit card fees!  

The steps to utilizing this option are below.


Step 1: Either bring a check on the pickup day PRIOR to an order OR email us during delivery week to let us know you'd like to submit a cash prepayment for your account for your next order.  We will provide you with our Zelle information so that you can send your payment. 

Step 2: Send your payment **with a Memo that states your FIRST AND LAST NAME (please use the name you have on your account with us).  When we have received your Zelle payment (OR when your personal check clears our account), we will apply your payment to your account as an "unapplied payment".  You will be able to see this part of your account balance at anytime you wish, just by logging in with your membership login.

Step 3: If we haven't already done this previously, we will change your Customer Type to a Cash Prepay Customer, which will tell the system to automatically decrease your service fee in order to remove the 3.5% credit card fee from your total.

Step 4:  You will login again, placing your order, as usual--selecting "cash" as your payment option, and checking the box that asks if you'd like to use any "unapplied payments" on your account.  Using the unapplied payment should cover the entire total of your order.  (If you neglect to apply this prepayment, we will apply this before the close of the order period.)

*Your prepayment MUST be received PRIOR to order week.  If attempted during the ordering period, we cannot guarantee that your Zelle payment will be received in time to apply to your account, which could result in your order being placed AFTER the deadline.  We do not want this, so please submit cash prepayments before order week.  

*Your order total MUST be less than the prepayment amount.  If your order is more than the prepayment amount, your order may be cancelled, and you will need to resubmit it as a credit-card payment order, adding back the 3.5% credit card fee. (If the order period has ended before we catch this scenario, there will not be time to resubmit your order.)

We are SO excited to offer this option.  We know it is detailed, but we hope that it will allow you to support local farms and vendors even more!
And, for those who do not want this option, we DO still accept credit card payments for your orders!


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