Welcome to Alabama Farm Co-op!

 Our passion is to bring more customers to their local farms...
...by bringing the local farms' products to the customers!

 We are so glad you found us, and we look forward to serving you soon!

We are excited to be partnered with Sweet Grown Alabama to further the cause of bringing Alabama's farm-grown and raised products to Alabama consumers!
Want to help us fulfill our mission?
We have already had some donate to help our efforts, and others have asked if we had a way for them to do the same.  Now we do!
Without a doubt, there are many other needs across our land. And if someone you know has a need, please help them first.  

But if you are looking for a cause to help, we can tell you that what we aim to do here is going to cost more than we can possibly make.  Just to purchase two USED vehicles for delivery in the central Alabama region and to rent a space for our refrigerators and freezers for just HALF a year, the cost will be well over $100,000.  To spread out as far as the people are begging us to (Huntville, Tuscaloosa, Anniston, Mobile, and more!), it will take many multiples of that figure.  We will need BUILDINGS to do what is really needed, in addition to the many vehicles to accomplish multiple routes.  

So, when someone suggested we look into crowdfunding, we figured we'd give it a try.  Sure, we can apply for grants, and we will look into them, but we also want to keep free of government regulation wherever possible.  If we can do what is needed with crowdfunding, we'll avoid the restrictions that come with certain grants.  

Thanks for your consideration and for your support so that we can serve more of Alabama's local farms and customers by bridging the gap between the two!  


A Little About Me 
I'm Melissa, a homeschool mom of three teenagers, married for almost 24 years, homesteader, and farm co-op creator.  Almost seven years ago, I met a young farmer and his wife and got to know the heart of farming.  I learned the struggles from them, too.  They were new in town and needed to expand their customer base so that their farm could thrive.  I got the chance to create, run, and grow a very successful farm co-op with just this one family farm.  That co-op is still going today, though my time with them has ended.

Now, I have the opportunity to begin anew--but, this time, by connecting with MULTIPLE farms, and reaching even more customers!  It was, is, and will always be a joy to me to see local farms grow and to see customers getting what they want from them....but without everyone making the drive or delivery themselves!  For over six years now, I've been known as "the milklady", and I hope I can be that, and more, for you!

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