'Tis the season for the Hallelujah Chorus to be played and sung for the holiday season.  But, around here, we will be singing the Alleluia chorus! Because we have a new farm partner, Alleluia Acres Heritage Farm!  

This great farm has much to offer!  It will be limited for a time, but they are growing!  For those who need Raw Pet Milk, Alleluia Acres Heritage Farm will have A2 pet milk available in limited quantities at the start, and will be adding more products soon!  

They are raising heritage breeds of animals.  These hearty animals are the same as your ancestors once raised!  You can read all about them on their page on our site!  

We hope you'll give their product(s) a try through Alabama Farm Co-op!  If you do, we know you'll be singing "Alleluia" with us!  



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