Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue...INDIGO!  Our next Farm Partner!
At the last stop on a dead end road near Anniston, Alabama, one family found their very own treasure!  It may not be a pot of gold, but the wealth of a farming life is like no other, and they are richly blessed!  Cale and Kelly, from Indigo Ridge Farms, and their four boys, are living the farming dream!

On a sprawling 200 acres, you will find Jersey cows napping in the shade of a tree, piglets feasting on their own pastures, sheep living among the cattle, as well as chickens in various places.  Take a long, but sweet, ride through the grasses of their rotational fields, and you catch a glimpse of just how your food should be raised.  There is much freedom in this valley: for the farmer, his family, and the animals within their care.  And you and I get to have a taste!  

With Indigo Ridge Farms as our newest Farm Partner at Alabama Farm Co-op, you will be able to get quality food from a variety of preferences. You can choose from grass-finished or grain-finished beef, eggs from either chickens or quail, and more!  

Here is why Indigo Ridge Farms exists:

"Our mission at Indigo Ridge Farms is to create a lasting connection between the farmer and the community 
through building relationship with our land, our livestock and our customer.  Our goal is to see families thrive, 
stewardship prioritized and generations entrusted." --Cale & Kelly

If you are looking for sustainable, regenerative farming practices from which to get your family's nourishment, Indigo Ridge Farms will be your treasure, too!  

We look forward to serving you!



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