The temperatures are getting cooler, these days, and that always makes me want to bake something!  Or, at least, eat something made in the oven!  Even better if it is spread with butter!

We are excited to tell you that you, too, can enjoy some of these oven comforts, when you purchase some of the sourdough loaves produced by SALT Artisan Bakery!  

SALT Artisan Bakery is our newest Vendor here at Alabama Farm Co-op, and I'm excited to show you the products that will be available to you!  Here is what the owner, Amy, has to say about her purpose:

"If you know me personally, then you know that I have had a wacky gut since I was 15 years old with gallstones. Last year, I started eating completely free of gluten, dairy, refined sugar, soy, yeast, vinegar, and red meat. You can imagine the frustration and disappointment, but I did feel much better.  But…with a love of baking and longing to eat bread again, my research began. Enter SOURDOUGH! The miracle bread!   If you have celiac, this is still not for you--I’m so sorry! But if you have sensitivities to gluten, please start researching sourdough. This long fermented bread has brought back so much happiness without gut problems!!! I eat some form of it everyday: bagels, flatbread, ciabatta, artisan loaf, crackers, sandwich bread… all that I make from home with sourdough. And I would love to help you enjoy bread again too!"

We are so excited to have SALT Artisan Bakery products available for you!  Her products are made without commercial yeast, sugar, or dairy (unless noted).  Check out the product list, which we will have posted soon on our website!  

Get ready to trade your dough for sourdough!  Just be sure to order enough to last you the whole week!  We will not want to run out of this delicious bread!


P.S.  Customer Memberships are still HALF PRICE through December 31st!  Join now so you can be included in any orders we are able to take for our "soft opening" in November and/or December!  *Only paid members will be invited to order at that time!


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