Alabama Farm Co-op is excited to tell you about our very first Farm Partner!  

The drive out to this young farmer's property was incredibly stunning!  Besides the fall colors and the combination of the mountains and lakes, it was that final turn onto the dirt road which led to a growing farm, run by a young farmer and his family, that took our breath away!  The Morrisons have a vision for what they are building, and we see it, too!

Earnest Roots Farm is situated in Ashville, Alabama, surrounded by acres and acres of family farmland.  On their property, you'll find meat birds in the large (and we do mean LARGE) chicken tractor, pigs doing what pigs do in the woods, and laying hens wandering, well, all around!  We were given a tour of the building where most of the work is done now, took a walk through the new facility that is being built, and also got a good look at the land where all of these animals are raised.  You will want to see this for yourself, one day!  

At Alabama Farm Co-op, we are so excited to not just see this farm grow, but to be part of the process of helping it happen! And now YOU can be part of it, too!

We aren't yet ready to begin taking co-op orders for delivery or pickup (it's coming SOON!), but you can check out their farm information and products at their website at  We know you are going to be happy with the quality of food that they produce!


P.S.  If you haven't already purchased your Membership to Alabama Farm Co-op, NOW IS THE TIME!  We are on track to taking some "trial" orders (with real delivery) before our official start date, and we will open those orders up ONLY to those who have already paid for a membership.  Get your half-price Membership today! 

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